The popularity of meal delivery services increases every day, it is not without reason that these meal services have become so popular in the United States and even worldwide. Let me explain in this article here what a meal delivery service exactly is, next to that I’m going to give you 10 reasons why you should try a meal delivery service.

I’m gonna give you 10 reasons why you should try a meal delivery service, starting off with the reason that you should try one, just so that you know what you are talking about in the first place ;-). This reason does not count so I’m actually giving you 11 reasons.

10 reasons why you should try a meal delivery service?

Everyone is talking about it and the opinions are divided, the discussions go either way, why or, why not a dinner kit? Despite the fact that many people have their opinion ready and want to try it or may not, they already have an opinion without the actual experience with a meal kit. Let’s start with 10 reasons why you should try a meal delivery service at least once.

1. Healthy and responsible.

The first reason that I want to share with you is the healthy aspect of the food box, the concept of food stalls with fresh and honest pure products and ingredients that put a healthy meal on the table. Thus there are no jars, packets of ready-made sauces and related that are being used. At each meal box, the emphasis is on fresh and honest, often organic, and often with a mark. Only healthy and responsible products are being used in the even more healthier recipes that you can cook yourself at home.

2. Time-saving and efficient.

In addition to the fresh products and ingredients used in the food boxes, a part of the concept is also to serve any recipe on the table within 30 minutes, this is very fast when you look at how long an average household is busy cooking for supper. In this busy society where we all have a lot to do, like our work career and to provide for our families, a healthy meal that you can serve on the table in 30 minutes is a very welcome thing.

In addition, a very large time-saving element is that the recipes are being designed for you and the groceries will be done also for you, the ingredients in precise quantities go into the meal box to be delivered to you. This saves you a lot of time and you do not have to think about what you eat tonight and you do not have to do shopping’s. This way you have a lot of time left, to do other things you like, with friends or for yourself.

3. Inspiring.

Because you have no control over the recipes that are this week or next week in the meal kit, you are left to eat whatever is delivered to you. This can be very inspiring, because experience has shown that we are herd animals and keeping uniformity, we often make the same dishes as we know, even though we know that this world has much more to offer, there are a lot different recipes and food products. We keep a piece of security and lack of inspiration with always cooking and eating the same food. With a meal delivery service this is completely gone, every week you will be surprised with new recipes from around the world, recipes that you would never think of yourself, let alone eat. And the best part of this is that you can prepare them yourself.

4. Informative.

We have been talking about how inspiring these new and often unfamiliar recipes can be. At the same time inspiration is also very informative, you will learn to prepare new dishes, you learn something about the culture of the country where a particular dish comes from. In addition to these great features, while you are cooking you learn a lot about the additives and ingredients of these meal kits. In the recipes booklets in those food boxes is described how to prepare a recipe, in detail and depth with clear instructions you will prepare those recipe like a professional chef. For example if you still do not know how long to cook potatoes or rice, you now will learn this by using a food box. This knowledge is of course something forever and you can also bring into practice when you are not using a food box or dinner kit, how every you want to call them.

5. Convenient.

Many people don’t know how to cook, or so they think. Cooking is not difficult, especially when you have a recipe which describes exactly what you need to do. You don’t need to think about what you are going to eat tonight or this week, you can skip the grocery store, all you need to do is read the instructions and execute them. A food box is really for everyone and really anyone can make recipes from a food box. Of course you need to be careful with cutting, and watch your cooking or boiling time, watch your fire, just make sure you understand the instructions and the rest is quite simple.

6. Cost effective.

I just wrote about how easy and convenient a meal delivery service is, and that you do not have to think because everything is done for you, in most cases delivery is free. An yes everything costs something and a food box is a real ease, so that is what you are paying for. You can do a little bit of math and compare the price of a box with the prices of the same products in the shops, you might find that you pay less in the shops, which clearly is a logical thing. But then again, think of the time you are saving, in nowadays society time is money, next to that, think of your transport when you travel to the shops, you need to add your travel costs also in the comparison.

And then we have still not agreed on the impact of healthier eating in the longer term. The food box is a responsible tool when it comes to health and healthy eating, something we do too less. However, in the long term you can probably imagine that when you choose for a healthier and slimmer life, where you eat healthy with healthy food and fresh products, you ultimately less often will sit with the doctor? Overdone? Not really! Every year the amount of people with overweight increases, being overweight a real problem. Obesity leads to a lot of other health issues in the longer term. How about your health care costs? Exactly. This is another discussion, but i made my point clear.

7. Environmental awareness.

The ingredients used in the food boxes are fresh and honest, pure nature often organic and often directly from the farmer. Products of fish and meat usually have a label such as the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) sustainable fish taking account of nature and the environment. The cardboard packaging is often made from recycled materials and are given food waste to the food bank by some foodbox providers. In addition to these few clear demonstrable environmental choices, food box providers in their own way do much more for a better environment.

8. Support regional economy.

All meal services do it slightly different and between meal delivery services there are demonstrable differences, but the concept remains the same, each provider strives to bring farm-fresh products from the region as close as possible and preferably directly from the farmer. 80 to 100% of the used ingredients comes from their own country, this not only create very fresh products, but also stimulates the local economy in the region.

9. Cozy together.

Although you can order a dinner kit for one person, these dinner kits for families a reason to eat together more often, a lot of people don’t dine together because of work or other busy agendas. A food box does require that you eat together, for example a food box for 4 persons with 5 meals requires that you all eat togheter otherwise it’s a waste of money. It is also fun to cook together and a fun way to discover new recipes, another example if you have 5 dishes can one choose what’s for dinner tonight or tomorrow and the other may make it or just surprises the rest of the family with a new recipe every day.

10. Discount, promocodes & vouchers.

We love discount, and nowadays almost everything comes with a promo-code, voucher for a great discount price, just look at how many discount websites there are, just Google them and it will amaze you.

For almost every meal delivery service there is a discount available, to just name a few, HelloFresh, Plated, Marley Spoon and Home Chef, they all offer discounts for new customers on your first order. So when you decide to order a meal kit, make sure that you searched the internet for a great promo-code first. You are always welcome to our website as we have a lot of meal delivery services listed and we try to publish all possible promo-codes available.

I hope you enjoyed the article, but I hope even more that my 10 reasons came to use for you, and that you will agree with me on these 10 reasons why you should try a meal delivery service, I would say wait no more, find a meal delivery service that you like, compare the, find a great discount and order your first food box.

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