The big Amazon is following up on companies like HelloFresh and Blue Apron being the market leader in meal delivery in the united states. The company announced that it launching it’s very own meal delivery service in partnership with Tyson Foods, which will go under the name “Tyson Taste Makers” For where we stand now this all has to been seen yet, but as Tyson Foods CEO Donald Smith stated, that it’s working together with Amazon Fresh on chef-designed meal kits and they are planning to launch this coming fall.

Amazon Fresh & Tyson Foods.

As you might know, Amazon Fresh is already a big well known food delivery service that delivers groceries nation wide, together with Tyson Foods they will expand their services of grocery delivery with complete meal kits in a full meal delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients with recipes for chef inspired meals.

For now, all we know is this and the rest is there to suggest, what we can see from this announcement is that the new meal delivery service “Tyson Taste Makers is going to be a food subscription service, just like the market leader Blue Apron and companies like Marley Spoon and HelloFresh who are also taking a big part in this market.

Online Grocery Market.

The online food market is growing and expanding every year, as a new internet generation is full on the rise, we expect that online shopping and especially online groceries will grow on a massive scale the next coming years. So with this in mind it’s a very logical step to take for Amazon to expand it’s food business online. This way Amazon Fresh will reach more people and the certain target audience that contains young people with upper incomes that already buy a lot online.

Meal Delivery Services.

As we are in the food business for a long time, and over the last few years we have seen this market growing rapidly fast, meal delivery services popping up as wild flowers and at the same time people can’t see the forrest no more. That is why we started this web service where you can easily find all meal delivery services based on your area and location. Next to that we are providing, discount vouchers for all services, bring you the latest news from the food business. So come back regualry as we are expanding with food subscription box services every week.

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