We live in a busy world. The pace of life has increased dramatically in the last couple of decades. Today, people don’t want to sacrifice one sphere of their life to succeed in the other one. We don’t want to choose between career and our family, or between our work and hobbies. We want to have it all, and we want it now, as Freddie Mercury used to sing.

We consider ourselves to be the masters of technology. We’ve learned to cross oceans by air within hours and to transmit data across the globe within seconds. We use the riches of the nature to produce unique things and we know many natural resources can be recovered. However, there is something we often take for granted… although it’s absolutely, ultimately non-renewable. It’s time. We simply can’t avoid its passing. It’s something we have to accept and live with.

But time isn’t the only thing that makes us vulnerable. There are other things we can do nothing about. No matter how tight our schedules are, we do need to eat and to rest every day. But with today’s rhythm of life, we sometimes deprive ourselves even of these simple needs. We either skip meals and lunch in a fast food diner to avoid cooking, or we skip some hours of sleep to cook for the family. Whichever of these options we choose, it directly affects our health and sucks joy out of our life.

Fortunately, everything is not as hopeless as it seems. While there is no way to go back to the good old days when everything was much slower, there is a way to save both your health and your time by using meal delivery services. However, there are dozens of such food facilities in each state. How do you know which one is tastier, or healthier, or is the easiest to use? In general, how do you know what the best meal delivery service is?

What is the best Meal Delivery Service?

Although tastes vary and one man’s meat is another man’s poison, we’ll try to make an overview of the best meal delivery services in the US and see what the differences between them are.

Martha & Marley SpoonMartha & Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart is surely someone who knows how to live a busy life and succeed. And whereas she might not want to give away the secret recipe of her good looks and energy, she is always eager to share her delicious culinary recipes. So it’s only logical that Martha and Marley Spoon don’t ship ready-to-eat dinner kits to your doorstep. Instead, they pick up easy-to-cook seasonal dishes, purchase the ingredients, write detailed instructions on how to prepare them and leave the rest to you. So, this is a perfect choice for those who enjoy cooking but have no time for “pre-prepping” phase: shopping, measuring chopping, slicing, grinding etc.

All the recipes have been tested multiple times, so even the most inexperienced cooks can be sure they get the result they want. The menu offers different meat, fish and vegetarian options for every day of the week, so everyone can find something for their particular taste. Since Martha and Marley Spoon are available worldwide, it’s easy to find lots of reviews of fans from all around the world. And the feedback looks impressive. Seems like a big number of guys who tried ordering from Martha and Marley Spoon say this is the best meal delivery service they know.

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Another excellent option for fans of cooking is HelloFresh, a service shipping “pre-prepped” ingredients for you to cook with minimum efforts and maximum pleasure. What is great about HelloFresh is the fact that they follow your tastes and offer you the food that meets your particular preferences. For example, if you select the veggie plan, you will be offered vegetarian dishes only, and if you pick up the family plan, you will be offered healthy kid-friendly choices. However, you will not feel limited in any way since their in-house team of professional chefs creates new recipes regularly, and there’ll be still plenty of options to choose from. And of course, you can always change the plan, if you’d like to.

Since each meal kit serves from 2 to 4 people, HelloFresh is perfect for small and average households and families. A nice bonus is that you can purchase a gift card for your neighbors, friends or relatives. While you can always invite them to taste the food, with the gift card, they’ll have the chance to enjoy the whole process of unpacking, mixing, stirring, frying and tucking into their freshly prepared dinner.

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This is probably the best meal delivery service for those with unpredictable schedules. While most services only let you skip certain weeks or cancel your subscription when you go on holiday, Plated makes all efforts to perfectly fit your schedule. You are free to swap recipes, change the number of servings of each dish, the number of dishes per week and your delivery week. So, there is no problem if you want to order more servings for your friends who are coming over next week, or to reduce the number of dishes per week if you’re planning to leave for a couple of days. You only have to modify your settings before the deadline, which is noon six days prior to your scheduled delivery day.

The recipes vary from foolproof easy dishes you can cook in 20 minutes or less to complex meals that’ll take you up to an hour to cook. Thus, you can both have a quick snack on busy days and enjoy preparing culinary masterpieces when you have time. Although there are currently no options for people with special dietary restrictions, four delicious vegetarian recipes are available every week. Besides, every customer can edit their taste profile to exclude the dishes they wouldn’t want to order. Apart from the weekly menu of 11 dinners, Plated offers a wide variety of desserts you can add to any meal kit. Ordering a dinner kit as a gift to someone is also possible.

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HomeChefHome Chef

If you think you’ve got a very specific taste and if you have trouble finding something you like in restaurant menus, you should try Home Chef. They have so many unique and delicious recipes that you are sure to find something you’ll love. Besides, you will be able to cook food just the way you like since it’s you who are going to be the chef! If you don’t consume certain food, you’ll be offered such options as vegetarian, dairy free, soy free, nut free and gluten free dishes. With Home Chef, you are free to order the ingredients not just for dinner or lunch, but for a healthy breakfast, plus even add a basket of fruit to your delivery. Apart from going to the grocery and doing the prepping for you, they also offer you other options to save your time: for instance, you can buy kitchenware on their website if you burnt your saucepan last time you tried to cook something you saw on a TV show. By the way, no worries about those recipes: Home Chef picks up only the tastiest and the easiest ones. The average time you’ll have to spend before dinner is ready is 30 minutes.

Moreover, “Home Chef” has some really tempting referral programs where you can get a significant discount if your friend signs up on their website and places on order with your personal referral code. If, however, your friends doubt the quality of the food, you can always give them a gift card so they can see and taste everything for themselves.

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MuncheryMunchery logo

It’s nice that there are so many services where you can order the ingredients and cook them yourself, but what do you do if you have no time for cooking? Get a greasy hot dog from the stand round the corner? No way! Order from Munchery! This particular service seems to be designed for busy people as the only thing you have to do is unpack your meal and enjoy it. You’ll also have to heat it since the food arrives chilled. Just like with other food subscription services, you will have plenty of options to choose from. However, whereas many food facilities often focus on certain aspects of food (paleo food, vegetarian dishes, etc.), Munchery seems to have it all: main dishes, side dishes, desserts and beverages for every occasion and for everyone’s taste!

One great thing about Munchery is that they provide excellent quality for a cheaper price than many other similar services. Another great thing is that you’re always able to switch to “Plaid boxes” (which is basically a cooking kit) once you have more time and try to cook dinner by yourself! Gift cards are also available, plus you can even order a “group gift”: that is, a larger meal kit if you need to feed a group of people. With all those yummy options, no wonder so many people rate Munchery as the best meal delivery service in the US.

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